OCU is considered Piropel, best value olive bone biomass in relation quality-price.

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In a lengthy article, in which the main objective is to make a comparison between pellets and biomass with the following statement: : "The pellet found a tough nut to crack: the of olives, what offer features such as better fuel almost as good for a somewhat lower price". This is great news for the world's biomass of olive bone, but focusing more as far as our company is concerned, in the comparison carried out with different producers/brands in the market, PIROPEL MIX obtains the maximum score, with the following positive and negative points cited in the OCU magazine:

POSITIVE: The best product, with an ash content at the level of the ENPLUS A1 pellet. All products, is which has greater heat capacity, and that less percentage of moisture has.

NEGATIVE: The weight of their bags does not conform to the weight which claims, but even so have a good relationship quality price.

With respect to the designated negative points, we have to say that in our sacks we indicate that the weight is 20 kg +/-5% at the time of filling being aware that the matter continues by evaporating moisture and thus losing weight to reach its break-even point. Highlight in this sense resulting to lower humidity, higher calorific fuel, offsetting this factor the small decrease in weight

About to turn our first five years in this 2018, we started the year with high expectations, we have always opted for the quality, and with news like this, we reaffirm that we are on the right track with the goal of changing the way in which we consume solid fuel with environmental responsibility, caring for our planet.

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