Six companies Jaén, among them Peláez Renovables, will be distributed 6.7 million euros corresponding to the Reindus 2017

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Six Jaén companies will be divided 6.7 million euros corresponding to the Reindus 2017 and that correspond with financial support of actions of reindustrialization and competitiveness that the Ministry of Economy, Industry and competitiveness starts up For loans granted to the province of Jaén, Soria and Teruel.

The companies that will receive these funds are Energy Supplies Northwest SL, which has requested this loan for a plant of manufacture of sustainable electroliners in Linares and that has 1,129,301 euros. In addition, the company Industrial Solutions Extremadura SL for the esterification of high acidity fats, also based in Linares and with 726,968 euros. In addition, the company Polymer Injection Service SL, based in Martos, for a project of polymer multiinjection for a value of more than 1,050,000 euros. The company Oils Sur-Coosur has also been a beneficiary for a project of expansion of refinery and improvement of the plant of bottling of oils and sauces in Vilches, with 2,939,250 euros. To these join Acer Campestres SL for a new line of elaboration of products from the table olive, based in Castillo de Locubin, with 735,995 euros, and the company Peláez Renovables SL, in Jaén capital, with the Expansion of production capacity of biomass factory for thermal uses by improving and modifying facilities with 213,776 euros.

The government's deputy delegate in Jaén, Francisca Molina has shown in a statement "her satisfaction" after being published this resolution and has indicated that the Plan of reindustrialization of the executive "is an incentive for the development, strengthening and modernization of their industries, a sector that has been depleted in our province and needs to be supported." In this way, Molina, who has emphasized that since the subdelegation of the government have "facilitated to the entrepreneurs of the regions all kinds of support, " he recalled the meeting that took place last April in the Confederation of businessmen of Jaén with which" we inform the industrial fabric of the province about the opportunity of this program promoted by the Ministry of Economy and competitiveness "so he has thanked the provincial businessmen to" take advantage of the funds that the Government of Spain puts at your disposal. "

Source: newspaper 20 minutes

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