Peláez Renovables was born in 2006, with the vision of giving value to the natural resources that we can find from the earth; from our olive enriched land. We value the olive sub products.

Our company is the result of years of research and the dream to value Jaen’ s land, adding value to the business network of the province as being part of the current energy and environmental revolution. 

We are entrepreneurs in this new adventure, an adventure in support of the province’s resources. Involving the care of the environment, sustainability and creation of employment that we need today.
We have discovered and learned from our market, that NOT just any biomass can be burned and provide heat. There has been development in high technological equipment, which demand a good quality combustible. Other biomasses can actually damage boilers, but our product can be trusted.

Thank you all for trusting in Peláez Renovables!!

José Peláez

Partner Director.

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