We visited the international fair called PROGETTO FUOCO

4 Marzo 2018 | Auteur:
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 Exhibitors fair of equipment and devices for making the best use of wood energy. The Progetto Fuoco is mainly directed to the visitors, that is to say, designers, technicians and entrepreneurs. In addition, thanks to the unique system of fume extraction at the fairground, fireplaces, stoves and boilers are shown directly in the operation, which makes the fair a very special attraction.

With the objective to make our way in the italian market we travel to Verona with our promotional material, to try to attract the largest number of companies that are interested in our product, Piropel bone of olive biomass, knowing first hand the latest and the systems to be marketed in a present and future very close, as in the case of the sensational equipment designed by Diele burning bone of olive with a system quite novel.


It is clear that, products like ours, are more valued in the market, and little by little the producers dare to delve into new ways and systems to make life easier and more comfortable for users, that after all, It is the main objective of all.

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